Episode 77: Struggling to Find Your Purpose? Find Your Why and God’s Calling Will Be Revealed

February 7,2024

Struggling to find your WHY? 

Are you tired of constantly starting something new only to fail or lose motivation?

What if instead, you could succeed and feel fulfilled? 

It’s possible. And it’s easier than you think!

If you’re like me or most Christians, you want to please God, find your purpose and step out in Faith.

In today’s episode, I’m going to share exactly how to Find Your Why. 

Whether you are a stay at home mom, work in Big Corp. or an entrepreneur like me….

You can find your why, find your purpose, and embrace God’s Calling.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to find your purpose
  • How to discover your WHY

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Full Episode Transcript:

Struggling to Find Your Purpose? Find Your Why and God’s Calling Will Be Revealed

Now more than ever people are searching for their WHY. You have probably heard this term if you are an entrepreneur or just started a business.

For so long I struggled with the whole “Find Your Why” terminology.

I think the reason I struggled so badly was because I would think I found my “WHY” but sooner than later I would come to the realization that it wasn’t my “WHY”.

One time, I thought my kids were my “WHY”, don’t get me wrong I love my children dearly but when I tried to make them my “WHY”, why I was doing whatever it was I was doing…. Well whatever I was doing didn’t last very long.

It was like this in all my business ventures or ventures in general. I’ve been on a lot of ventures let me tell you.

But I have no regrets! All those ventures, job ventures, and even business ventures led me to where I am today.

However, looking back I can clearly see now that my “WHY” was right there in front of me the entire time.

Just as your “WHY” is right in front of you.

You know that song by Jeremy Camp, Same Power?

The lyrics where it says “We will not be overtaken. We will not be overcome. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave, The same power that commands the dead to wake, lives in us”

Friend that same power lives in you! The same power that moves mountains when He speaks. The same power that can calm a raging sea. That same power lives in you! It lives in me.

So why? Why do we allow ourselves to be overtaken and overcome by worldly things?

I know I’m guilty of this. We all are whether we admit it or not.

But how do we not be overtaken?

How do we not be overcome by the world and all the evil and deceptiveness?

Just like the title says…. Find your why…. Then you’ll find your purpose of which is God’s Calling on your life.

You’re probably thinking that’s great Shauna but how do I find my “WHY”?

Well it is actually pretty simple. In fact, like I mentioned earlier it’s right in front of you and you already know what your “Why” is.

Think about it for a second. What is that one heartfelt concern that you wish God would do something about?

Or maybe you wish the government or your state officials would step up and do something.

Maybe you wish other Christians would step out and do something.

What if I told you God put that heartfelt concern on your heart for a reason? He put it there because He created you to do something about it!

Just like He created Moses to free the Isrealites.

Even though Moses fought God at first, the Isrealites being enslaved was in fact his heartfelt concern.

As it turns out I knew my WHY all along. My WHY also known as my heartfelt concern is watching other people not live up to their full potential.

The crazy part is that all of my life I have been asking people what would you do if you could do anything and why aren’t you doing it.

When I realized that was my WHY, my heartfelt concern, God started opening doors faster than I could walk through them.

And He helped me see that even though I love all people in general I’m supposed to focus on inspiring and encouraging my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ, like you to find your WHY, so that you can step out in faith and embrace God’s Calling on your life.

I bet by now light bulbs are going off or maybe you have known all along what God is asking to do but just a Moses, you are fighting Him.

It’s okay if you are. I fought God along the way too!

In fact, I’m a lot like Moses in so many ways.

So what is it? What is your heartfelt concern? What is that one thing that bothers you to your core that you wish God would do something about?

That my friend is your “WHY” and once you accept that God’s Calling will become so clear that you won’t have any choice but to move forward.

Well I take that back. You do have a choice because God will never force you to do anything. So there you have it. The choice is yours.

Will you embrace your “WHY” and become the person God created you to be? Or will you continue to live life feeling like something is missing?

This right here is exactly why I created the Unique Calling Mentorship. At first I created it for Christian Coaches but I felt God nudging me to make it available for Christians.
Maybe you don’t have clarity around your Calling but you so desperately want to have that clarity and to be able to step out with confidence.

But to have confidence you must first have the courage. That is where I come in and a handful of other coaches.

We will believe in you until you believe in you. We will mentor you, coach you, and guide you on this journey no matter how BIG or SMALL it may be.

Which by the way when God calls you to something it is never SMALL. Ask me how I know…

Therefore, I am personally inviting you to join the Unique Calling mentorship. A community of like – minded Christians who are all on the same journey.

A journey to find God’s Calling. A journey that leads to pure JOY. A journey that will lead you to the words “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I know first hand what it is like not knowing the HOW.

How do I take that next step? How do I do what God is asking? How…. How…. How.

Join the Unique Calling Mentorship and I guarantee you WILL find your Why. But most of all you will know the HOW to move forward.

You can find the link to learn more in the show notes. And I have to tell you if you have been stuck or simply can’t afford expensive coaching then this is exactly what you need. So go check it out!

As always I will leave you with something to think about: Wherever you are right now, God will meet you there and He will guide you to your next stop and the next after that and the next after that.


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