Episode 74: Self Doubt: From Questioning God’s Plan to Embracing it

January 17, 2024

Do you ever feel doubtful after becoming inspired? 

Has God put something BIG on your heart but you don’t believe you could actually do it?

What if instead, you could accomplish that BIG dream? 

It’s possible with the right kind of thinking and the right people in your corner. 

If you’re like most Christians, you want to help others accomplish something very specific. 

In today’s episode, I’m going to share my own story of how I went from self doubt and questioning God’s plan to embracing it and how you can do the same! 

Whether you are doubtful or questioning God now… 

You can embrace that thing He has put on your heart. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How to overcome self-doubt
  • Accept the fact that God’s Plan is always better

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Full Episode Transcript:

Self Doubt: From questioning God’s Plan to embracing it

Have you ever been deeply inspired by something that you couldn’t help but think about all the time? 

But the more you thought about the details the more you began to doubt yourself and the possibility that it could actually one day be your reality? 

I think I mentioned this in another episode but 2023 for me, was full of pivots. 

It was like God would put something on my heart and then I would take a step forward and then He would open an unexpected door. 

Like when I became a Coach Trainer for Life Breakthrough Academy. 

By the way I have a new class forming February 6th therefore, if becoming a Christian Life Coach is something that has been on your heart then I highly suggest taking my quiz Discover if you are ready to start your journey as a life coach. 

You can find the link down in the show notes. 

So the next door that God unexpectedly opened for me was going through Bootcamp for Christians who wanted to become speakers. 

Now being a speaker has been on my heart for many years. I often tell the story that the vision started after my son was born when I became a single mom. But in all honesty I truly believe God placed it on my heart as a young child. 

The reason I say that is because I remember being 7 years old watching the movie Baby Boom. I’ve actually talked about this in an episode when the podcast was Make Money Doing What You Love. 

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting on the couch thinking to myself “I want to grow up and be like her.” If you have never seen the movie a quick little blurb is this very successful lady inherited custody of her cousin’s baby. 

She ended up leaving her job, boyfriend, and apartment, and moved to a small town where she became an entrepreneur and made baby food. With her marketing and advertising background she was able to sell the baby food and turned it into something big. 

I truly believe that is when God put becoming a speaker / entrepreneur on my heart. 

In fact I was a very shy little girl. And still am. Except now I am a very shy adult woman. 

One time there was this ad in the paper where you could win a scholarship but you had to write an essay. 

I cannot for the life of me remember the topic, but you had to stand in front of a room of strangers and share your essay. 

There I was maybe 12 years old, terrified but I stood there and stuttered my way through my speech. 

I failed big time and I didn’t even want the scholarship because I knew then that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But I was pulled to apply anyway. 

Who knows maybe that was God preparing me way back then to be a Speaker. 

So all of this led me to today. Or shall I say yesterday. 

See yesterday I had planned to get on a call with some ladies who went through coaching with me and coach training. 

The plan was to share this huge vision I had on my heart but I had some serious self doubt happening that was causing a lot of confusion. 

Coincidentally, only one of the ladies was able to attend. 

Before we jumped on the call I asked her if she would mind coaching me through this vision that was jumbled up in my head. 

Of course she agreed. By the end of the call I was so clear about God’s plan that I was no longer questioning it. In fact I was ready to embrace it. 

Seriously all she did was ask me questions that got me thinking. And then she allowed me to ponder over those thoughts and answer when I was ready. 

That my friend is what real coaching does. And I may be bias because I trained her but in all honesty she did amazing! 

Look I’ve paid a lot of money out to coaches who instead of coaching me talked me out of whatever it was I was getting coached on. 

That is not coaching and sadly those coaches are giving the good coaches a bad reputation. 

This is why I am so passionate about training aspiring coaches. 

Which leads me to this God’s Plan. So for a couple of months now I have felt led to start a facebook Group for Aspiring Coaches. 

Here is the hard core truth…… I hate facebook. Okay hate is probably too harsh of a word. 

I despise Facebook. 

However, I am now choosing to look at Facebook as a resource from God that I get to use to move forward with His plan. 

Of course the ultimate goal of the group will be to enroll aspiring coaches in my Coach Training but this will be a way for me to get to know you. 

You may feel like you already know me from this podcast unfortunately this is one sided. I want to get to know you as well. I want to know your story and why you want to coach. 

Literally within 20 minutes I went from questioning God’s Plan to embracing it. That my friend is the power of true coaching. 

Although the facebook group is in the works I would love it if you took my quiz in the meantime. That way you will be in my email contacts when I send the invite out. 

I am hoping to have it up running soon because I would like to have multiple coach trainings going at once. Which by the way is a part of this plan God put on my heart. 

I even have a Mentorship in the works for coach training graduates that consists of monthly workshops, Challenges, Laser coaching, goal setting, but most importantly accountability. 

Let me tell you I am not playing around with this mentorship either. 

As a part of the accountability you will be required to submit your weekly goals on Monday and follow up on Friday with your results. 

If you miss two submissions without reason you will not be allowed to renew the following month. 

Yeah it is going to be intense but oh so good! It is everything I wish I would have had when I first became a coach. 

So there it is. How I went from self doubt and overwhelm, questioning God’s plan to embracing it with enthusiasm. 

Imagine for a moment how many people you can help with the proper coach training. 

Maybe you are a parent of an autistic child and it breaks your heart to see other parents struggling. 

You could coach them. 

Maybe you struggle with some of the things happening in our world. You could coach on that. 

Or maybe your heartfelt concern is something you experienced. 

For example my heartfelt concern is people not believing God can use them. Which was brought about from my own experience of feeling disqualified. 

That’s all I have for today. As always I will leave you with something to think about: If you stop putting a question mark where God put a period then self doubt can’t creep in. 

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