Episode 70: What Does God Want Me To Do? | God’s Calling: From Confusion to Clarity in 12 Weeks or Less

December 20, 2023

Feeling confused about what God wants you to do? 

Are you wishing He would just sit down next to you and tell you?

What if instead, you already knew what God wants your to do? 

It’s possible. I’m going to share with you how to go from confusion to clarity in 12 weeks or less. 

If you’re like most Christians then you probably have a BIG calling on your life. . 

In today’s episode, I share how knowing what God does want is not always the answer or right question. 

Whether you feel confused or have clarity today’s episode will have you thinking differently. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The importance of taking action
  • Everything in life is choice

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Full Episode Transcript:

What does God want me to do? | God’s Calling: From confusion to clarity in 12 weeks or less 

Have you ever wondered “What does God want me to do?” 

If you are anything like me you have probably said something along the lines of “If Jesus would just tell me to my face what to do, I would do it!” 

But would you? Would you really do what He tells you to do? 

There are so many times in my life when I felt God asking me to do something and I didn’t do it. 

One time in particular it was actually not that long ago. 

It was a few months after we had joined our church. 

A young girl maybe in her twenties began to attend service and she would sit in the row in front of us. She was quiet and was always alone. 

A few Sundays went by and I started feeling this nudge to talk to her. Each Sunday that nudge got a little more annoying. 

I didn’t want to talk to her. I mean I did but I couldn’t help but feel like I would be intruding and maybe even scare her away. 

If you have heard my signature talk – A Unique Calling, then you know for me, small talk with strangers is simply a mess waiting to happen. 

Another Sunday went by and my sweet friend said to me “I feel like I am supposed to go talk to her.” 

“Me too!” I replied. 

But neither of us went over and talked to her. God was clearly nudging us to the point of annoyance and yet we still did not do what He wanted us to do. 

Ever been annoyed by God? It isn’t very fun, let me tell you. 

Genesis 19:26 – “But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt,”

Before God rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah He told Lot and his family to leave and whatever they did, they were NOT to look back. 

Yet Lot’s wife looked back. 

Now this was a time when God verbally spoke to His chosen people. And yet they didn’t always do exactly what He told them to do. 

Just like I didn’t go and simply introduce myself to that young lady. A young lady who suddenly stopped attending service. 

A young lady who God was clearly asking me to talk to. 

So no, I don’t believe if Jesus told you to your face what to do, you would do it. 

I say that because there is time after time in the Bible when God asked someone to do or in some cases not do something and they did the opposite. 

Like when God told Adam and Eve NOT to eat the forbidden fruit. Most will argue that Eve is the one who picked the fruit and took the first bite, however Adam made his own choice when he too took a bite. 

Just as me and my sweet friend both made our own choices not to simply introduce ourselves to the young girl sitting in front of us. 

Everything we do in life is a choice. Doing what God wants you to do is also a choice. 

This episode was inspired by a client. A client that went through something traumatic and in return had a lot of shame around it. 

Although I knew this client before she chose to work with me, I didn’t know her story. 

I will never forget the call, our first call, when she shared her story. I knew right then exactly what God was calling her to. 

One of my spiritual gifts just happens to be Discernment. 

If you aren’t sure what this spiritual gift consists of, it is a kind of wisdom that comes from insight as much as from learned experience and knowledge.

In the Christian faith, it comes from the Holy Spirit, and is a way of having insight in determining the true nature of a situation, person, or thing.

With this spiritual gift I have been able to discern if someone isn’t following their true unique calling. 

Most times I can discern what God is calling you to on the first call, and sometimes it takes two calls.

For this specific client I knew on our very first call. However, just because I knew I needed her to see it. 

Today was our 8th call and it finally hit her. It hit her so hard that we both cried. 

Turns out she knew all along what God wanted her to do but she didn’t feel that she was worthy enough and when she got real honest she realized she was having a hard time trusting Him. 

Way too often we ask God what He wants us to do and then when He tells us we refuse to move forward because we allow our trust issues to get in the way. 

I think the real question here is are you willing to trust God? Looking back I can now clearly see I too wasn’t trusting Him when He asked me to simply introduce myself to that young girl. 

I allowed something as silly as small talk get in the way of what God wanted me to do. 

What are you allowing to get in the way of what God wants you to do? 

If you’re listening to this and you are ready to go from confusion to clarity then you are going to want to check out my twelve week coaching program. 

You will walk away with clarity around your unique calling, confidence in who you are and what God wants you to do, but more importantly you will walk away with conviction in your ability to represent your values and principles. 

I have a quiz you can take to find out if and how you are currently embracing your unique calling. 

You can find the link in the shop notes. 

As always I will leave you with something to think about: Do not hesitate to entrust an unfamiliar future to a familiar God.

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