Episode 71: How to Have The Faith of a Mustard Seed: 7 Step Guide to Moving Mountains

December 27, 2023

Do you ever feel like moving mountains with the faith of mustard seed is a mere imagination? 

Are you dreaming BIG but feel like maybe your dream is unrealistic?

What if instead, you could achieve that BIG dream? 

Moving mountains is easier than you think. I have 7 steps to help you get there. 

If you’re like most Christians, you want to please God. 

In today’s episode, I’m giving you seven steps to help you have the faith of a mustard seed and move mountains. 

Whether you believe right now that it’s possible or not you can move forward after this episode with these seven steps. 

You can embrace God’s Calling with the faith of a mustard seed and move mountains along the way. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • 7 Steps to Moving Mountains

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Full Episode Transcript:

The truth about the faith of a mustard seed: Is moving mountains really possible?

Have you ever wondered if you could really move a mountain? Better yet have you ever tried? 

I’m going to go out a limb here and say that 99% of Christians have probably never really tried to move a mountain. 

As I’m sitting here recording this episode I have a mustard seed in a small jar that sits on my desk as a reminder. 

A reminder that it takes such a small amount of belief to move something as big as a mountain. 

As the year is coming to an end I have also recently discovered a new desire. A desire that has kind of always been there but somehow has grown into a really big idea. Big with a capital BIG. 

This desire is so strong I can’t seem to shake it. I even asked God if this is Him nudging me or is it me and just another one of my Great Ideas that lead to nowhere land. 

So I began to pray over it. The more I prayed about it the more ideas came. The more ideas the more this Big Idea began to feel like a lot of steps in the making. 

But then something happened. I realized a thing or two. 

Okay actually it was more like 7. 

The first thing that clicked for me was Believe that it is possible and you will figure it out. 

See when we say things like “I just don’t know how to…..” or “I don’t know what it will take.” You are actually giving up before you even start. Instead say “I will figure it out.”

And simply believe that God will provide you the knowledge needed to do so. 

Number two: Become Unreasonable. 

I know you are probably thinking I have lost my mind or something but hear me out. 

How many times have you had something BIG on your heart that you shared with someone who shot you down? I bet you didn’t move forward with that Big idea did you? 

Why is that? 

It’s because you were being reasonable and probably a little logical too. 

Do you think David was being reasonable and logical when he put on that armor and went up against Goliath with nothing more than a slingshot and a rock? 

Absolutely he wasn’t being reasonable! 

In fact David was acting without rational consideration and definitely not with practical realities of what could have potentially happened. 

Which brings me to number three. Take Action. 

When David stepped up to take that mountain out, also known as Goliath, we know from scripture that he clearly had the faith of mustard seed. 

He truly believed he could do it and that God would have his back. 

However, I think the key point in that story that everyone misses is the fact that he took action. 

David didn’t sit around wondering if he could do it. He knew he could do it just as he knew he could save a sheep from the mouth of a lion and a bear. 

Did you know that successful people assume that their future relies on investing in actions that may not pay off right away but know with consistency and persistence they will eventually bear their fruit? 

While the unsuccessful talk about what they want and maybe even conjure up a plan but they never take any action. 

Number four Habitually Commit. 

When David ran after the lion and the bear to rescue the sheep he was committed. When he put on the armor and stepped out to fight Goliath he was committed. 

When you commit to something you will do whatever necessary to make that commitment a reality. 

When David committed to saving the people and even the sheep he was committed as though he already won the fight. 

What if you committed to God’s Calling? How different would your life be? 

Number five. Go all the way! 

What if you simply made the decision to commit to being unreasonable? What if you made the choice not to accept any excuses? How different would your life be? How many people could you have an impact on? 

Number six. Have Courage

Did you know that you are not born with courage? Its true. Courage comes to those who act, not to those who think, wait, and wonder. 

Again I don’t remember David sitting around thinking, wondering, and waiting to see if the lion or the bear would bring the sheep back. And he definitely did not sit around wondering if he could take Goliath down. 

Number seven. Make your Calling your Mission. 

Until you approach God’s Calling like you are on a Mission it will always just be a thing that you feel led to do but never really do. 

You must have the thinking that whatever it is God is calling you to will potentially change the world. 

Until you do this you will be stuck in a unfulfilled life full of doubt, uncertainty, and possibly even misery. 

Let’s recap: 

Number one is Believe that it is possible and you will figure it out

Number two Become Unreasonable 

Number three Take Action 

Number four Habitually Commit

Number five Go all the way! 

Number six Have Courage

And finally number seven Make your Calling your Mission 

As always I will leave you with something to think about: If you want to move mountains try starting with little stones and working your way up. 

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