Episode 66: Is God Calling You to Step Out in Faith? Discover 3 Ways to Know if it is God’s Calling on Your Life

November 29. 2023

Feeling confused about whether God is asking you to step out in faith or not? 

Are you asking others for advice only to be left with even more confusion? 

What if instead, you knew no matter what happens, God will guide you?

It’s possible. All you have to do is step out and trust God. 

If you’re like most Christians, you want nothing more than to please God even if that means stepping out in faith.

In today’s episode, I share my own stepping out in faith story along with 3 ways to know if it really is God’s calling on your life. 

Whether you have tried before and failed or have never tried, you can do this!

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • You won’t know the details of the plan He has for you
  • It won’t make sense to others
  • God makes the impossible possible

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Full Episode Transcript:

Is God calling you to step out in faith? Discover 3 ways to know if it is God’s calling on your life

Is there something tugging at your heart that has you feeling confused? 

Maybe you have been having thoughts like “Is this God calling me to step out in faith?” or maybe you are thinking that it’s just a dream and nothing more. 

For years I have had this dream in my heart to be a Christian Motivational Speaker. 

I have also had this tug on my heart that involved churches. 

Although I didn’t really understand either of these tugs on my heart I held them close. And from time to time I would share these visions with someone looking for some sort of an answer. 

And in all honesty that only led to more confusion. 

When I shared the tug on my heart to reach out to churches, I had one person tell me I needed to bring money in from coaching first.

Then I had someone else tell me it would be a waste of time while another told me it was a great idea. 

And then my pastor told me he would think I was trying to get to his people.

In his defense when I sat down and spoke with him the first time I was all over the place and didn’t even know why I had this tug to reach out to churches. 

At first I thought it was to share that I was a coach and that’s where my people hung out since my ideal client is a Christian who has a God calling on their life. 

However, even though I left more confused than before, after every conversation I had with my pastor another door would be opened. 

After the first conversation, God opened the door for me to become a Coach Trainer. Which I am still in complete awe about. 

By the way, if becoming a Life Coach is something that has been on your heart I have a new class starting January 10th, 2024.

Or you can start sooner when you opt for solo training. 

After the second conversation I had with my pastor and shared the news about becoming a Coach Trainer I remember still feeling confused because this church tug was still very heavy on my heart. 

This time I thought the church tug was to train Christians to become a Life Coach because I believe there should be a coach in every church. 

So my pastor gave me some tips but I still left feeling like something was off. Like there was still a missing piece to this puzzle. 

After that meeting another door was opened! 

After a streak of coincidences, which is really God’s way of getting our attention… I caved and got on a call with a Professional Christian Speaker who promised she could help me become a speaker. 

I knew on that call that this was what the church tug was! God was asking me to become a speaker. 

And in all honesty I already knew this, in fact I have known this for many years I just never thought I could do it. 

On that call she had 3 cohorts starting. The first one was starting in 6 days (this was October4th when I was on the call with her), the next one would be in November, and then she had a third cohort starting in January. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the extra funds to join but I explained since I now knew the price I could have it by January and if I put in an extra effort I could join the November cohort. 

I’m not kidding you, I got off that call with her, and God supplied the funds needed to sign up for the October cohort. 

Here it is 8 weeks later and I graduate in 2 more weeks! 

It turns out that when I stepped out in faith and took that first step to meet with my pastor, doors began to open, one by one. 

Which all led to my ultimate purpose which is to encourage others Christians like you to find and embrace your own unique calling. 

Just like I stepped out and started this podcast and ended up changing the name, once you step out in faith God will guide you. 

Even if you get off course He will guide you back. 

What is God calling you to step out in faith for? Do you feel confused? Constantly wondering is this God? 

Here are three ways to know if it is God. 

  1. You won’t know the details of the plan He has for you. 

If you did know you wouldn’t want to follow through 

Take Joseph for example. 

If he would have known he would have to be thrown down a well and then sold into slavery just to get to the palace do you really think he would of said “Okay, God lets do this!” 

Absolutely he wouldn’t have. And neither would you. And that my friend is why God doesn’t make the plan clear to us. 

Not knowing the plan actually helps build your faith so that you learn to trust God. 

  1. It won’t make sense to others 

Just as it doesn’t make sense to you it most definitely won’t make sense to others including other Christians. 

Think about it, how many times have you heard another Christian claim God was calling to something that made absolutely no sense? 

I bet you even judged them thinking who are they to do that? 

It’s okay we are all human.

However, this is a great learning lesson going forward because you will be judged, criticized, and possibly even called a liar. Just as Moses was when God called him to free the Isrealites. 

It’s important though that you keep your focus on God and He will lead you. And the rewards will be more than you ever imagined. 

  1. God makes the impossible possible

When you step out in faith God does some pretty amazing things. 

For years I have felt led to share my testimony of when I gave birth to my son and should have died. 

In fact I was dying on the operating table. 

But when I shared my story, my testimony, with other Christians of how what I experienced, which was not bright lights or heaven, it was complete darkness, they would just stare at me which made me feel like they were judging me or didn’t believe me. 

And then the devil had me convinced no one would want to hear my story of how God saved me. How He gave me a second chance. 

But God being the gracious God He is, He made a way. He made the impossible possible. 

And He will do the same for you. In fact I guarantee He has already done something in your life that has led you to where you are today. 

Whether you have already stepped out in faith or you have that heart tug like I did, I encourage you to keep taking steps forward. 

Know and trust that God will open a new door when it is time. 

And if you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck and just not sure then schedule a no pressure call and let’s chat about it. 

I won’t only help you discern your calling but I will also encourage you along the way when things seem impossible. Most of all I will believe in you until you believe in yourself. 

As always I will leave you with something to think about: Suzy Kassem once said “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Friend, the same is true for God’s calling on your life. 

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