Helping Christians find and embrace their Unique  Calling so that they no longer have to wonder in the wilderness.

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About Shauna

Shauna Parker

Shauna is a Certified Christian Coach, Podcaster, and Coach Trainer, passionate about helping Christians reach their full potential.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration: Management and has additional training from the renowned Ziglar Corporation.

Shauna’s joy comes from helping Christians discover their divine Calling through five core components: spiritual gift(s), love language, passion-driven pursuits, aspirational goals, and heartfelt concerns.

What Others Are Saying….

Shauna gives you such inspiration to get out of your funk. I love how upbeat and positive she is. I always feel as if she is specifically talking to me. I look forward to more podcast from her, I am so thankful to be able to listen to her wisdom. – Brokemom74

Shauna is a down to earth coach who tells it like it is. She drops gold nuggets in every episode. Highly recommended! I love the episode about taking personal responsibility for where we are in our lives. I can’t wait for the next episode! – Amyfarmer

Within minutes of listening, I already knew that this podcast was meant for me! It blew my mind. I felt like Shauna was talking specifically to me. She knew exactly what I needed to hear, and it has me coming back for more! – Shaethedinoqueen